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Buy Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro High-Quality True Wireless Active Noise Cancellation Powerful Bass 



While the Galaxy Buds Live was an ambitious take on wireless earbuds design, the newer Galaxy Buds Pro revert back to an in-ear / canal-type design that’s similar to the Galaxy Buds+. This approach works in favor of ANC because the ear tips provide an additional layer of passive noise cancellation


Samsung’s latest wireless earbuds boast a custom-built 2-way speaker system with sound by AKG, wherein an 11mm woofer and a 6.5mm tweeter work together to provide an improved sound quality over the previous generations.

ANC and Ambient Sound were also improved by the in-ear design itself as well as: an inner mic, a high SNR mic for picking up the user’s voice, and an inner dual-mic array for improved beamforming performance.


The Galaxy Buds Pro will support Active Noise Cancellation nearly two months before Unpacked 2021, so the event wasn’t much of a surprise in this regard. The quality of ANC compared to the previous generation, however, is surprisingly good. Users can choose between a couple of different ANC levels, each for a different sound environment. Furthermore, ANC now works in harmony with Ambient Sound, so the Galaxy Buds Pro can switch from ANC to Ambient Sound on the fly if the user’s voice is picked up in a conversation.

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